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  • 1. Enrolment on a course with EMTD constitutes a binding agreement on the participant obey the course rule and regulations and pay the full tuition fees. All fees must be settled in full atleast two weeks prior to the commencement date of the program.
    2. All oversea participants are required to attend tutorial for a minimum of 15 hours per month.
    3. In the event of absence for medical or other reason participant should inform the administrator.
    4. EMTD must be notified immediately of any change of address or telephone number and other personal details.
    5. This application form when dully completed must be accompanied by passport sized photographs uploaded and copies of examination results and certificates obtained, together with a registration feed of 150pounds or 60pounds depending on choice of programmes.

    I here undertake to submit all relevant documents to EMTD and the university.
    If the documents are discovered to be fake / forged, I hereby agree all payments already made to the EMTD or its representative shall be forfeited

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