Executive Management & Associate Training Development was designed to provide a platform for professional, adult and young individuals to learn through shared experience and to be empowered to make a positive difference. This remains our vision today. Being part of international education study centre means we share common aims. These are to: Produce alumni each year who, through their own action and personal example can become leaders in their communities and demostrate their commitment to making a positive difference in the world. Become recognised internationally for its distinctive model of education. Provide an example for other schools, educational organisations and governments which recognise the role of education as a peace and a sustainable future
We deliver our mission by being committed to: Global citizenship – we bring together a dynamic community of young people from truly diverse backgrounds to facilitate intercultural engagement and motivate students to create a more peaceful world. An established bursary programme and students from over 90 countries at any one time make the college a nexus for interaction and learning from a range of cultures, backgrounds, nationalities, religions and races. Environmental responsibility – we take a challenging and interactive approach to learning that inspires and equips students to work towards a more sustainable future. Projects, activities and the educational programme support learning, understanding and action in the field of environmental responsibility and awareness. Lifelong service – the vast range of opportunities and projects we make available to our students and prepares them to be leaders within their own communities and live the college’s mission throughout their lives. The community activity opportunities are widespread, with something to suit everyone. Transformative education – we pride ourselves on our pioneering and distinctive educational model; the way students learn, interact with one another and take part in community activities presents life-changing tests and personal discovery, which mark the beginning of a lifelong journey. Bursaries on merit – the true diversity of the student body depends on our ability to reach out across the country to attract and encourage new students from vastly differing environments. To do this we fundraise so that the college aspires to provide full or partial bursaries to those students who have been selected on merit and potential and demonstrate a need for financial support.
Our values are to make our educational model unique and truly inspiring. These values form the foundation of our passionate approach to providing young people with a challenging and transformational learning experience. Action and personal example • Acting on your beliefs and leading by example A sense of idealism • Believing that you can make a difference Celebration of difference • Valuing differences and seeing them as a strength in our community Compassion and service • Demonstrating a compassionate and truly committed approach to your community and service International and intercultural engagement • Our community should be free from any form of prejudice Mutual responsibility and respect • Creating a supportive and respectful environment Personal challenge • Learning through interactions and challenging ourselves Personal responsibility and integrity • Behaving with integrity and being accountable for your own actions.
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