• Legislator’s Training and Workshop
  • Legislator’s Leadership Training and Workshop
  • Using Public Private Partnership as a Key Development Tools in Lagos State
  • Project Preparation Analysis and Financing
  • International Borrowing and Debts Management
  • Training and Workshop on Legislative Drafting
  • Private Participation in Infrastructure Development
  • Project Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Conflict Resolution, Transformation and Peace Building
  • Electoral processes in Post-conflict Environments
  • Translating Policy into Legislation
  • Managing Government Protocol Etiquette, Procedures and Logistics
  • Legislator Training on Budgeting and Appropriation
  • State, District and Local Government Training on Government and Financial Prudence
  • Security Enforcement Agency Training
  • Drug Law Enforcement Training and Development
  • Neighbourhood Watch Training and development
  • Transportation and Logistics Training (Management Planning and Policy)
  • Entrepreneur Training and Development (Product Development)
  • Educational Teachers’ Training
  • Managing Safety at School’s Programs (including Health, Safety and Hazard Management)
  • Education Standard and Policy Management

We also provide training programmes tailored towards clients specified needs.

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