Since 1984, EMTD has been in the business of researching and developing best techniques for education and human capital development that turn organisations around.

As a successor of London College, we partner other world class universities such as University of America and other world class institutions. Our training are specially do my math homework examples of informative speeches researched and programmed bringing the experiences of industry and academics for educational benefits; we give participants the skills and knowledge that are immediately required in the 21st century work place.

We also build learning leisure as we take our willing candidates around UK’s places of great interest, like Embassies, Museums, UK Parliament and other places of interests.

Our world class programmes/packages, recognised and acknowledged experts, equipped with the best resources and facilities in very unique environments in Lagos Nigeria and UK’s best cities.

We have been privileged to be of service to many Nigerian agencies including the Central Bank of Nigeria, ECOWAS, ministries and Houses of Assembly among others.

EMTD is an International company with offices in Nigeria, United Kingdom, Atlanta and New York. We invite you to take advantage of this opportunity to ensure that you benefit from our unique programmes.


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